Pātiki – Set of Three


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Designed by our Taputapu Toi team we present to you our latest modern, contemporary prints. Hang our prints as a set of three in your lounge, over your bed or in your guest room. 

The three prints included are:

  • Pātiki- this print and along with this set of prints are inspired by the pātiki tukutuku pattern. This is our way to bring tukutuku designs into homes.
  • Maha- the pātiki pattern symbolises abundance and prosperity. This is a positive affirmation for your whare.
  • Kōkiri- "E kore te pātiki e hoki atu ki tōna puehu" - The flounder does not return to its dust. This proverb is about not repeating the same mistakes. Therefore, the upward movement shown in this design portrays learning from our mistakes and moving forward.


  • Recycled paper
  • Paper size variations A3 or A4
  • Two colourways kōkōwai or kawakawa
  • Printed at Fusion Print, Waikato’s leading sustainable printer

Enjoy your very own Taputapu Toi design print.

You will save 20% when you buy this set of three.

*Frames are not included

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