About the project

July 2021

Awatea Consultancy focuses on providing support and advice around environmental/resource management (Taiao) and Treaty of Waitangi (Te Tiriti) public policy advice to Māori and government.

The name Awatea means “daylight” The idea is around the dawning of a new day and bringing enlightenment to Te Tiriti and our relationships with the taiao. It was important that the Awatea brand identity reflected this whakaaro.

The design focused on bringing connection to the name Awatea - the dawning of a new day and the rising of the sun. Our client wanted something soft and professional, which reflected partnership, and enlightenment. The design features a colour palette which is reflective of the early morning sky. The tohu takes the shape of a sun rising over the horizon and includes koru, and puhoro, this represents swiftness, growth and renewal.

Feedback from our clients:

We are so pleased with all the work that you guys did for Awatea. We have been getting compliments from others on the design and so on. Once again thank you!!!

Awatea Consulting went for the Tipu package, which included a suite of collateral including: business card, letterhead, email signature, invoice design and powerpoint presentation template.


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Awatea 04


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