My 2022 wrap up!

Another year has come to an end (crazy), it was a blur if I be honest. This time last year I was road tripping around the South Island in a campervan and no way did I foresee the things that would unfold.

The word I had for 2022 was ‘expansion’ and the ways in which it has manifested this year was through expanding our sub brands and re-introducing our products (Taputapu Toa). Our team also expanded by two which brought new energies and skills into our studio. Our clientele expanded and we brought in over 40 new clients.

A few highlights and achievements of our year were the following:

  • Selling my first collection of pottery items after about 17 months of learning and developing my pottery skills
  • Completed our first 30 logos in 30 days challenge
  • Team arts day in Wellington
  • Design wānanga with other Māori designers
  • We illustrated a series of journals for the Kīngitanga called ‘Te Ara o Te Kīngitanga’ one of our biggest design jobs to date
  • Two awesome interns joined our team

Amongst the growth, learnings and highlights it was a great year for me to reconnect into wānanga and kaupapa spaces again. I found myself saying yes to a few opportunities which had me back on the East Coast where I met some amazing new people who I came to know more throughout this year. 

New spaces for me are good because I get to meet new people who expose me to new thinking, different conversations and it’s a time for me to be out of my norm. 

One thing I’ve learnt is the importance of feeding my creative tank. As a designer, a potter and a business owner I’ve realised that if I don’t continually feed my creativity it can be a risk to my design mahi and my business. As creatives we are responsible for ensuring that we top up our creative tank. The things that I like to do for my creativity is: 

  • Seeking new places
  • Treat myself
  • Go for walks and take photos 
  • Try something new

Finally, the end of the year was really exciting. After buying a home with my Mum in October I started to process moving back to Gisborne. Once Mum moved into the whare it felt really nice and financially it didn’t make sense for me to continue living in Hamilton. Mid November I decided to move home. It was sad for me to end my chapter in Hamilton because Hamilton became a second home and I had my own thing going there, however after eight years of living there I realised let’s start a new chapter in Gisborne. 

Now it’s countdown to 2023 and I will get back into mahi in the new year. I will continue to operate Taputapu in Gisborne, set up my pottery workshop and I’ll go from there. 

Thank you to everyone who has supported this year, small or big, it all contributes so I thank you, our clients, our customers and our followers. 

Have a safe and a beautiful summer. 

Ngā mihi o te tau hou Pākehā.

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  • Tena rawa koe .
    Pai te rongo ko hoki mai koe ki te kaenga, ki te taha to mama.

    Excited as always about what you do.

    If ever you want to come this way to OHINE WAIAPU, haere mai.
    Always a moenga here for you.

    Riria on

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