Heading into a rebrand

June 2021

I have reflected on the impacts that we, as Taputapu, have had on our taiao. It was a no brainer that the products I was importing from overseas made me think about the negative impacts importing has on our taiao. I learnt, over time, that as convenient and cheap as it is to import products: it was also very exhausting, expensive and high risk.

With this in mind, earlier this year I decided it was time for Taputapu to grow and rebrand. My focus in this rebrand is to help communicate our new direction.

The first four years in business, I felt things out: seeing what worked and what didn’t. It was all trial and error. As I invest more time in Taputapu, I’m realising how we can make changes to grow in a way that resonates with us, our values and our mission.

In five years, I want to create beautiful products that have a low impact on our taiao. 

Taputapu is heading into locally handmade products. I want to ensure I know the process of our products, from start to the end. I want to invest in our local economy and support local businesses.

With our new phase and focus towards locally made products, we have also introduced our graphic design services. At the start of this year, we opened our services to graphic design. The implementation of our graphic design services meant less risk, more income and fewer expenses. Whilst products can be fun; it takes a toll. Graphic design work is something that I love to do as the jobs vary, and my creativity is being fuelled. I also get to put my studies to use.

With our new products and new services, I am confident our rebrand will help communicate our new direction and spark new energy and inspiration.

How I visualise our rebrand is, ‘Taputapu’ being the Māmā, and from her, come two offspring named ‘Toa’ and ‘Toi’. Toa houses our products, and Toi houses our graphic design services.

We will communicate these changes as they occur. We recently held a poll through our Instagram stories to see which rebrand logos our audience liked and it was amazing to get their feedback. All will be revealed soon.

If you are considering a rebrand but unsure to take the leap here are a few questions to think about:

  1. Does your current logo reflect your values and or direction? 
  2. How does your current logo or brand make you feel?
  3. Do you feel like a boss with your brand/logo?

If you've answered no and you feel like your logo/brand is meh then perhaps it's time for a rebrand. You want to feel confident and like a boss with your brand. Get in touch with us and we can help you on this journey. 

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