5 benefits of hiring a Graphic Designer

The Benefits of hiring a Graphic Designer


When I tell people I'm a graphic designer, they usually look confused or unsure. Most people don't know what a graphic designer is or understand what we do. So, to help clear it up, a graphic designer (the best way I can explain it) is simply a digital artist; we create art on the computer. 

Some graphic designers specialise in certain areas and have various skills such as illustration, Branding, motion graphics, web design, and app design.

We at Taputapu Toi specialise primarily in Māori Branding. 

As graphic designers, we take on board what you need and want and develop solutions or concepts. Then, alongside our clients, we come to a final product, design, and solution. 

Whether you need to create your brand, rebrand, or design custom promotional material, we can help you every step of the way.

Maori Branding with Taputapu toi

 Let's look at 5 benefits of hiring a Graphic Designer.

  1. Save you time & money: we ensure all aspects of your logo meet industry standards and regulations. They will also ensure that your logo is not similar to others in its category or industry, so it does not look generic, saving you money by not having to pay for many little changes in the future.
  2. Strong Branding: Branding is everything, ensuring you stand out from the competition and show your customers that you have a unique style and vision. We will help you build a strong visual identity that reflects the personality of your business by creating a logo.
  3. Consistency: Building a consistent brand across all platforms allows you to develop trust with your customers and create an emotional connection that lasts. We will provide you with a Brand Guide to support your knowledge of using your Branding effectively. We can also help develop simple yet practical designs for your marketing materials, such as brochures, flyers, posters, etc.
  4. Professionalism:  A well-designed logo graphic tells customers you know what you're doing and have experience in your industry, viewing you as professional and trustworthy. Say goodbye to stock images, Canva templates that everyone uses, and low-quality prints that are blurry on your website or social platforms.
  5. Execute Creative Ideas and Problem Solve: Graphic Designers are excellent problem solvers. If you come to us with things you are struggling with or need help with, i.e. an outdated logo, no clear branding, taking a product to market, telling a story, we take everything into account and help bring your ideas to life.


If you have room for another role in your business or organisation, adding a graphic designer to your team will add priceless value to your business. Graphic designers happily work away in our 'zone', we don't need much attention or space and can also work from home.

Overall a graphic designer can design a visual identity for your business or your project; they are vital to helping communicate effective messages and to bring some creativity to a team.

If you’re interested in working with a Graphic Designer regularly or for a special project - we would love to hear from you.

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