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Working from home VS a rented space

 After experiencing two lockdowns, I'm fortunate to work from home. I couldn't imagine the risk of paying for a lease over lockdowns. Working from home meant I could continue working through both lockdowns as business kept humming along. 

With many new pakihi m
āori on a similar journey as me, wondering about the benefits of working from home - here are some of the pros and cons I personally experience

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Designing your home workspace

Here are my tips to design your dream workspace, for those who work or study from home.
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Kia Ora 2022

The word I have for 2022 is 'expansion'. I don't know how this will manifest yet, but some ideas have popped up recently. We'll see how we go, but I feel that expansion is coming for Taputapu.
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Reflections from 2021

We're another year down, and just when we thought 2021 would be better than 2020, it threw us some more curveballs. But, overall, 2021, despite its challenges, was a new year for me, a year of many firsts, and I'm proud of myself for reaching the end. 
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My Pottery Journey

After my first pottery class in April 2021, I knew this would be the new direction for Taputapu - Handmade products made from uku (clay) that share our story, promote our culture and language, and doesn't negatively impact our taiao. 

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7 Tips for Balancing Mahi and Life

I've witnessed others work tirelessly 24/7, doing what they can for their business, company, kaupapa, iwi etc. I've observed burnout, separation from family, and unhealthy habits, which ultimately resulted in early death.

This is not the lifestyle that I want to live. I'm creating the life I want! 

Here are my 7 tips of how I keep sane - balancing Life and Mahi, as a Small Business Owner working from home.

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